Free Conference Call

Whether you want to chat with many family members at once, plan personal functions with a group of friends from different locations, or reminisce about the “good old days” with far-flung former classmates, Freenet can make it easy and inexpensive. More practical than making several one-on-one phone calls, more personable than instant messaging, Freenet can link the entire group together for up to three hours at a time—with a single phone call—and billed by your local carrier for only the long-distance charge.
Best of all, you can schedule the call yourself, 24/7, with no need to first contact the service provider’s operators or reservations department.

Simply click on

the “Signup Today” link and fill out and submit the short form. Freenet will send you a secure PIN number that up to 100 participants can access, each automatically notified by e-mail invitation if requested. Your privacy is assured, there are no hidden charges for basic services, and no account is required.
Freenet provides the latest digital technology for crystal clear reception; you supply the phone and the sparkling conversation. There is no special equipment to buy, no installation necessary, and no setup hassles to deal with. Automated, do-it-yourself reservation is the latest innovation in audio conferencing. Give them a try.
With gas prices at an all time high, airline travel becoming more expensive and wearisome, and the limited amount of time available to meet friends and family in person, Freenet offers a viable solution. While not replacing that face-to-face reunion, they can keep you in touch by telephone by being linked together in one call, inexpensively and at any time