In the case of commuter schools, it is agreed that many meetings, classes, and study sessions are missed due to transportation issues, proximity to the locale in question, and conflicting work/personal schedules. While it may be nearly impossible to convince your classmate to commute to where it is convenient for you, convincing them to join you and others in a conference call from the comfort of their own home or work space will be far more successful.


Not only can one articulate their needs efficiently and hassle free on a conference call, but technologies also allow the participants to join in video conferencing if they have the proper equipment. Such phones are relatively affordable, and if one does not have access to a video conferencing phone, web services along with a webcam enabled computer allow you to make such calls absolutely free and at your own convenience.


Furthermore, by turning to conference calling instead of emails, text messages, or instant messaging, you ensure that the other party knows and understands the tasks and questions at hand, and no one can claim to not have received notice of the discussion taking place. This allows for swift, clear and effective communication to take place thus resulting in a productive session with advantageous end results.


A minor drawback of conference calling is the tendency for a greater number of attendees to talk over each other at any given moment. However, this is nothing which cannot be resolved with a short briefing beforehand of proper conference call etiquette, such as pausing between the last person’s comment or each party stating their name prior to speaking.


Saving time and money have been the major goals of businesses and educational institutions for decades, and time and money continue to be the most sought after resources in the world. Integrating specialized processes such as conference calling into your daily activities will bring you one step closer to pocketing more time and money spent on travel and resources, and successfully increasing your results and relationships.